Transforming abundant wood waste
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We unlock a new source of raw materials for
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What are we doing?

Aromatic chemicals are an essential class of compounds: they amount to nearly half of all chemicals used and they are needed in most sectors, from plastics to cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, dyes, etc.

However, their production will cause 3% of global GHG emissions by 2050 in the best-case scenario. Providing a clean alternative to oil-based aromatics is thus key to ensure sustainable chemistry at scale.

Meanwhile, lignin, a major wood component, is the only natural and abundant source of aromatic molecules. But no industrial process today is able to extract these compounds from the 50 million tons of lignin generated each year by the paper and bio-ethanol industries.

At Linium Biochemicals, we are developing breakthrough technology to solve the century-old problem of lignin valorization. We harness the power of photochemistry to break down lignin and make the chemical industry green for good.


Photochemistry at the service of sustainability

Based on patent-pending photochemical technology, Linium Biochemicals' innovative process allows a cascade valorization of lignin into both high-value monomers and oligomers.

Photochemistry allows to unlock unusual reaction pathways and break specific lignin linkages with precision.

Other applications under development target plastic waste valorization, such as polystyrene, into essential building blocks.

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Low Energy Consumption

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Green Operating Conditions

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Fast-Scaling Process


Creating a portfolio of platform aromatic compounds for several industries

Linium is currently developing lignin-derived aromatic intermediates and chemicals for several markets.

If you are looking for biobased alternatives to fossil-based molecules, we can collaborate to provide you with such compounds or develop new synthetic routes to biobased chemicals.

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